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1. This is an ONLINE AUCTION. In order to Buy, you must bid until you are the winning bidder at the auction close. All bidding is online only.

2. To bid, you are required to register with a valid email address, mailing address, phone number, and credit card information. We do NOT automatically charge your credit card for your purchases.

3. You must read and accept the Terms and Conditions of Use prior to bidding.

4. Upon your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Use, you may enter the auction by clicking here, clicking on the “Auctions” tab on the top navigation bar, clicking on the “Auctions” link on the bottom of any page on this site, or by clicking on the “Go to Auctions” button on any page.



The auction of each lot will conclude at a specific time, with NO EXTENSIONS in the bidding. The best method of making sure your bid is received in time before the auction ends, is to place a “Maximum Bid Amount”. We suggest that you use odd cents and dollar amounts when placing bids. This is done by placing the cursor over the next Minimum Bid Amount, and writing in your bid amount (so long as it is higher than the next Minimum Bid Amount). We have seen auctions won and lost by one cent ($0.01).


You may either bid the next minimum bid or enter the highest amount you are willing to pay and let the computer automatically bid for you up to (but no more than) your maximum, in the increments specified.

Example #1: If the current bid is $20 and you put in your max bid of $300, you would be the high bidder at $22.50, provided no one else has placed a higher bid. If the auction ends with a high bid of $22.50, you would be the Winning Bidder at $22.50. It would take another bid against you to increase your bid.

Example #2: If the current bid is $20 and you bid $300 and someone else has placed a bid of $200, then your bid would be advanced to $205 and if the auction ends with a high bid of $205, you would be the Winning Bidder at $205 and not at $300. It takes someone bidding against you to advance your bid, just like a live auction.


Bid Amount   Increment
$10.00 – $99.99 $2.50
$100.00 – $199.99   $5.00
$200.00 – $499.99   $10.00
$500.00 – $999.99   $25.00
$1,000.00 – $1,999.99   $50.00
$2,000.00 – $9,999.99   $100.00
$10,000.00 – $19,999.99 $250.00
$20,000.00 – $99,999.99 $500.00
$100,000.00 & Above $1,000.00


QUESTIONS?  Call 1-931-802-2232.

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